Powerful Reasons to Oppose Measure E !

Friday, June 10, 2016

Use of district map with bullseye at CCAC meeting April 20, 2016

For the archives here is a picture of me holding up the same COC district may that was used in the video which caused Bruce Fortine such concern that he rushed down to the sheriff office to file a suspicious circumstance complaint. In the actual video available online I use the same argument that taxpayers had become targets for the trustees to build facilities. In attendance was Trustee Fortine, Brian Koegle the COC Foundation member that filed for the restraining order in Chatsworth for Dianne Van Hook. Steve Zimmer-Richard Patterson- Vice Chancellor Barry Gribbons (the suits that we will never see again until they need more money in about a decade), The entire video is available online. Meeting was April 20, 2016 at The Moose Lodge on Sierra Hwy. Mr Fortine wasted the very valuable time of the sheriff detectives and local district attorney . Hope he is proud of himself.

Measure E Debate Between Trustee Fortine and Steve Petzold-Canyon Country Advisory Committee April 2016